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01 July 2010

Asian animal activists in SA need your help

Hi Activists,

As most of you know, we’re still finalizing the location of our anti-fur public education event on July 8th. I apologize for the delay in finalizing the details for the event, however we are waiting for clearance of our permit to come through. In the instance that our permit is not approved, we would like to have a back-up location option in place and we are looking for a rooftop location (of an office building, parking garage, or anything else you might have access to) with a view of a Johannesburg landmark in the background (for example, the Telkom tower in Hillbrow). Please let me know if you have access to any similar locations, or have any contacts that might be willing to help.

Also, we are still badly in need of skilled make-up artists for the 8th. The event we are doing will feature nearly-naked painted supporters painted as the flags of the countries participating in the World Cup. The event will be at 1pm on the 8th, and we’re looking for painters to help for several hours before.

Thanks very much for all you do for animals!

Best regards,
Ashley Fruno, email: AshleyF at
Senior Campaigner

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