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14 July 2010

Stop covert killing of Cape Peninsula baboons

I know that people living on the Cape Peninsula feel they are being "harassed" by baboons, but I am asking them to take one moment to think what they would do if roles were reversed. If you were the baboon and had these human animals encroaching on your ancient landbase and you had nowhere to run, just raging ocean on all sides.

With this in mind ...

A sinister precedent has been set by the government authorities in the area …. implementing a new secret protocol without consulting stakeholders, yet claiming they did. 

When William, an alpha male baboon was trapped, the authorities lied to the full-time baboon monitors in the field. They told the baboon monitors that they were relocating him to deep within the nature reserve where he would be less bothersome to residents who leave their houses open and are therefore ransacked. The next day the monitors walked many kilometers beyond the call of duty to look for him and check up on his wellbeing … to no avail. It then came to light that the authorities had actually removed him to kill him.

(See William's portrait above as photographed by Tim Newman.) 

Please sign the petition below:
Then please read this lovely tribute to Prince William of Scarborough:
Finally, visit the Baboon Matters website or if you are in the Cape, contact them to do a baboon walk:

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