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04 August 2010

Baby steps as we return to a fascist state

I am young enough to see through bullshit and old enough to remember the censorship and bullying tactics of the apartheid state. Bluntly put, I REMEMBER WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LIVE IN A FASCIST STATE.

So recent political shenanigans in this country and particularly events of the last 24 hours in South Africa have me very worried. As of today, journalists can be arrested without being charged, plucked off the street and spirited off to an undisclosed location.

Sound familiar?

It is terrifying when the colonised become the coloniser ... or at the very least adopt the horrible mindset of the very people who dominated and abused them. How do we break this cycle?

The ANC is leading this country towards fascism and we the people must once again rise up and fight against this with all our might.

One should never give the state too much power. There must always be checks and balances. Fellow South Africans, wake up and get involved!

Read the article in today's Daily Maverick titled:  
 then go away and think about what you are going to do to change this situation and to fight for democracy, fight for the people, fight for the landbase, fight for the future generations.
It is a sad irony that this happens the very same day that a wonderful initiative like:
LeadSA is an initiative to grow our spirit of unity and respect for one another. It "aims to to remind us that it is in our power to change ourselves and our country, that we all have the ability to lead. It's up to you to Stand Up for South Africa and our future."

On second thoughts, maybe it's not a sad irony but a wonderful coincidence that we now have the opportunity to channel our anger over the journalist's arrest, the corruption and greed etc into something positive, where we can make a difference and STOP THE ROT.

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