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23 August 2010

Sacred Venda sites at risk of "development"

I was traumatised to read that the mystical, shaded, gurgling, forested, deep-green, swirling, living (plants and rocks included), natural and very eerie Phiphidi Falls near Thohoyondau are under threat.

Having visited this mysterious site myself some years ago and heard the whispering of the water sprites, it is with sadness that I discover (thanks to African Alchemy) that the threat is coming from within the community. Some local leaders have gotten greedy and want to build ... horror of horrors ... tourist chalets and a b-b-bar UGH at this sacred site.

This is the site where for thousands of years women elders of the Ramunangi clan perform rituals to ensure rain and the protection the people and environment in the area.

You can read the horror story here: Resort built on old sacred site infuriates Venda elders


  1. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Hi Kim

    I've been looking for a follow-up article but so far no luck --

  2. Hi Marya, nothing since 6 August, although it seems a couple of social justice type organisations have shown an interest in supporting the elders from a legal perspective. I guess the best way to try and stop this is by using the legal system? Kim