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20 August 2010

That's what factory work does to you - it fries your brain

Foxconn gets the pompoms out to raise morale at 'suicide factory'
Young workers who normally spend their days assembling iPhones and other high-tech gadgets packed a stadium at their massive campus yesterday, waving pompoms and shouting slogans at a rally to raise morale following a string of suicides at the company's heavily regimented factories. The outreach to workers shows how the normally secretive Foxconn Technology Group has been shaken by the suicides – and the bad press they have drawn. Read more here:


  1. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Kim, do you know of any studies that show neurological, cognitive or behavioral problems linked to factory type work ?
    If yes, a link would be appreciated.

  2. Sorry Anon, I have no links off-hand, but check out the work/books of Kein Bales and Orlando Patterson (Social Death of the Modern Slave), it might lead you to more recent work in this field.