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17 August 2010

Walking with the comrades - an essay by Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is one of my heroes. I have only a few heroes, because not many people in the world today are brave. There are 7 billion of us, but few are truly brave. She is. She says all the things no one else is willing to say for fear of being assassinated.

More than that, she goes out into the world and takes action.

In February this year she went walking with a group of tribal Naxalites who live in the forests of India. These are people who are taking up arms to fight for their land which is being stolen by the state and multinationals who are after the mineral resources left in these remote areas. (Sound familiar?)

Extraordinary photos taken by Roy during her walk and made
available  on the Kasama Project website: 
Some leftists have criticised Roy for being anti-Marxist and romantisising the tribal revolutionaries while ignoring the alternative future envisioned by the Marxists in India. They claim the tribals or adivasis have no future vision other than reclaiming their land. This is a load of crap. The role of tribal people in the coming revolution, and more importantly beyond, is constantly undervalued by modern leftists. It always despairs me (sic) to hear such nonsense, because it is divisive. When the enemy is so powerful and overwhelming as the machine that is devouring the planet right now, then all who oppose it need to stand together and tackle the common enemy. Once that enemy is out of the way, then one can start philosophising about how to move forward.

But right now the beast must be slain.

Read the amazing essay by Arundhati Roy, it is a life changer.

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