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19 October 2010

Indigenous rights in South Africa - do they exist?

The recent death of !Khoisan X has brought to the fore the rights of the original indigenous people in southern Africa. The voices of the original people of this region are seldom heard in the raging storm that is the social web, South African print media and the broadcast "media" (sic).

There's a wonderful poem of sorts on the Kak Duidelik blog that highlights some of the issues about black settlers and white settlers occupying the media channels and hence crushing the voices of the indigenous people.

Omdat ek ‘n Kullid is!
I was here before oom Van Riebeeck came,
I was here roaming all these plains.
I was here when uncle Shaka came,
In this land, long before everyone came, I was the flame!
Read the full poem here.

There's also a short piece on the recent march on parliament by the Khoisan rights movement which can be read on the Mahala website or the BruinOu website.

So what can one conclude about all this? Well, it's simply this, the rights of indigenous people (who believe land cannot be owned) will always be secondary to the rights of civilised/Westernised people (who believe land/nature/the planet should be conquered, owned, bought, used, destroyed, mined, farmed, fucked up ... especially if there's money to be made in the process).

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05 October 2010

Rhino poaching: who's pulling the strings?

One should never have to say anything about an artwork.
This one says it all ...

Artist: Diane Victor