Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

31 January 2011

The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction

Enslave yourselves if you want, you horses of instruction.  Graze in peace and safety inside your masters' fences.  Subjugate yourselves to his whip, avail yourselves to the labour of his fields, and propel him to battle if you will.

As for me, I'll roam free with the tigers, carrying inside me the power of their wrath.  I'll move with patient wisdom through the shadows of the night, watching for the tender spot to sink my fangs... waiting to strike when the time is right. 

And I decide where to strike.

And I decide when the time is right.

William Blake

18 January 2011

Crucifying cats, our protectors. Why?

There are some images flying around Facebook depicting a cat being crucified by youths on the streets of Tshwane. I cannot find the source of these images, but the images exist, therefore this event did take place. The details remain sketchy.

The date mentioned is 6 January 2011, but that too is unconfirmed.

What I do know is that people have forgotten the truth. By that I mean the original truth, their humanity, their true purpose, their souls. According to Credo Mutwa, who is the keeper of ancient wisdom (the Guardian of Umlando), cats are our protectors. "All catlike animals, from lions to domestic cats, were brought to this earth we believe, to protect human beings and other life-forms ... they protect us from vermin that are harmful to us - but they also protect us from invisible enemies that we fear more than anything."

South Africans are persecuting lions in trophy hunting farms across the Free State, the leopards on the koppies of the country, the rooikat in the silence of the night ... and they are persecuting cats on the streets of Tshwane in broad daylight.

Zulu eulogy to a cat - translated by Credo Mutwa
You are the cat, tamer of human beings, not tamed by them!
You are the animal we all fear, favourite of sorcerers, darling of witches, treasured by sangomas.

You are the cat, guardian of the village, protecting us from enemies we can and cannot see!
Sent by the sky gods to shield the world from invisible foes and visible vermin.
Oh, cat, master of life!
You guard me while I sleep, I honour you, dear cat,
And feed and nourish you, for it is said that the gods and ancestors will bring eternal suffering upon any human who stoops to harm you.

17 January 2011

Someone just died right behind me

I was sitting in my cage, I mean office, trying to get back into mid January work mode, when I heard a wail from outside the window, followed by another wail and yet another. A woman was clearly in agony.

I got up from my desk and glanced out the window. It was only once the visual reality struck me, that an icicle razored down my spine.

On the ground below the 30-storey high Poynton Building - headquarters of the Department of Correctional Services - lay a body, of a man I believe, accompanied by paramedics and security guards.

I hear sirens and hooters all day, so had ignored those. I had not seen the person jump or fall. But the wail of a woman realising what had happened, was different. It was primal. It drew my attention, as wails have done for millennia.

What drives someone to commit suicide? I guess there are many and varied reasons. But as I sit here in this 21st century metropolis in the year that the planet's human population is due to hit 7 billion, I wonder if we have not taken things too far?

Rest in peace my brother, whoever you are.

Lionesses with manes

I was elated to learn that there are lionesses who develop manes.  As someone who does not fit in with the "norms and standards" of gender identity myself, the fact that one of my key totem animals also features a spectrum of gender expression is good news indeed.

Copyright Grant Atkinson -

These special lionesses are found near Mombo Camp, Moremi Game Reserve in the sublime Okavango Delta which is renowned for its healthy lion population. This makes my heart happy amidst all the lion persecution that's going on further south, where lions are being farmed in trophy hunting sausage machine.

Grant Atkinson who writes a blog on Africa Geographic relates a lovey tale of telling tourists about these juvenile male lions, only to learn later on that day that the lions are in fact beautiful young lionesses ... with manes.

Sigh, unfortunately I will never be able to stay at Mombo Camp where prices are quoted in US dollars (gulp US $1400 to $1800 per person sharing per night).

Will have to try and find my way there using camp sites in the generally vicinity, but this is definitely being added to my bucket list.