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17 January 2011

Lionesses with manes

I was elated to learn that there are lionesses who develop manes.  As someone who does not fit in with the "norms and standards" of gender identity myself, the fact that one of my key totem animals also features a spectrum of gender expression is good news indeed.

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These special lionesses are found near Mombo Camp, Moremi Game Reserve in the sublime Okavango Delta which is renowned for its healthy lion population. This makes my heart happy amidst all the lion persecution that's going on further south, where lions are being farmed in trophy hunting sausage machine.

Grant Atkinson who writes a blog on Africa Geographic relates a lovey tale of telling tourists about these juvenile male lions, only to learn later on that day that the lions are in fact beautiful young lionesses ... with manes.

Sigh, unfortunately I will never be able to stay at Mombo Camp where prices are quoted in US dollars (gulp US $1400 to $1800 per person sharing per night).

Will have to try and find my way there using camp sites in the generally vicinity, but this is definitely being added to my bucket list.

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