Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

17 January 2011

Someone just died right behind me

I was sitting in my cage, I mean office, trying to get back into mid January work mode, when I heard a wail from outside the window, followed by another wail and yet another. A woman was clearly in agony.

I got up from my desk and glanced out the window. It was only once the visual reality struck me, that an icicle razored down my spine.

On the ground below the 30-storey high Poynton Building - headquarters of the Department of Correctional Services - lay a body, of a man I believe, accompanied by paramedics and security guards.

I hear sirens and hooters all day, so had ignored those. I had not seen the person jump or fall. But the wail of a woman realising what had happened, was different. It was primal. It drew my attention, as wails have done for millennia.

What drives someone to commit suicide? I guess there are many and varied reasons. But as I sit here in this 21st century metropolis in the year that the planet's human population is due to hit 7 billion, I wonder if we have not taken things too far?

Rest in peace my brother, whoever you are.

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