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30 March 2011

Nuclear plant boss hospitalised

Osaka - The president of Tokyo Electric Power Co, which operates Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday evening, local media reported Wednesday.

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So what do we make of this? Here's my view for what it's worth.

When the shit hits the fan in big corporations, the CEO is suddenly ill, unavailable or resigns. We have seen this time and time again. Abdicating responsibility for destruction.

We should try these guys like war criminals. They have destroyed lives and destroyed the land for profit. Now that the truth is out they want to run and hide.

I am not specifically targeting CEOs either by the way because the same can be said for presidents and dictators. I'm sure Hosni Mubarak is going to be given a comfortable place to live out his life in peace and write his memoirs. It is probably the foot soldiers who'll be punished instead.

When are people going to realise that this is how the world REALLY works?

From Endgame by Derrick Jensen -Premise Five: The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below. It is acceptable for those above to increase the amount of property they control—in everyday language, to make money—by destroying or taking the lives of those below. This is called production. If those below damage the property of those above, those above may kill or otherwise destroy the lives of those below. This is called justice. 

Engineers knew tsunami could overwhelm plant

When Tokyo Electric president Masataka Shimizu apologised to the people of Japan for the continuing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant he called the double disaster "marvels of nature ... that we have never experienced before".

But a review of company and regulatory records shows that Japan and its largest utility repeatedly downplayed dangers and ignored warnings -- including a 2007 tsunami study from the company's senior safety engineer.

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It seems despite research stating that there was a 10% possibility of a tsunami breaching the plant, Tokyo Electric did nothing to change its safety planning.

As I have said before, poor people, non-human animals and the environment (eg fracking the Karoo) are disposable as far as the money-grabbers are concerned.

And if the highly disciplined Japanese people are unable to run a nuclear plant with proper safety checks, warning procedures and openness, how on earth can we expect anyone else to do so?

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