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22 September 2011

How to Avoid the Census

I received the following information on how to avoid the census. I'm not promoting this, I am just asking the question: Should one avoid the census?

What would be the reasons for wanting to avoid the census?

I know for a fact that governments are able to increase their loans from organisations like the World Bank, based on increased population stats. This allows us as a country to get deeper and deeper into debt. Should we do this? I don't like the idea of South Africa owing organisations like the World Bank billions of Rands.

Just a question!


How to Avoid the Census
  1. Complete, print and sign this letter.
  2. Give it to the Census worker when they arrive. Always be polite. They will probably threaten you if you don't comply.
  3. This approach is called "conditional acceptance." You are agreeing in principle to do what you are told, but first you have a couple of questions that need to be answered. Of course they cannot answer these questions because to do so would be to reveal a betrayal of human rights.
  4. If you wish, send this through to the Census authority first. Give them 7 days to reply and amend this letter accordingly depending on their response.

Dear Census Official, 

My name is [first name in lowercase, eg. John] of the family [surname in lowercase, eg. Smith]. I am a living, breathing sentient human being.
My research has led me to conclude that when my birth was registered, a corporate entity was created. This corporate entity is referred to as [write your title and whole name in all uppercase, eg. MR JOHN RONAN SMITH] with account number [insert your ID number] and is distinct from me, the flesh and blood human being. 
It is my understanding that my title, full name and ID Number represent a juristic person / corporation, and the record of this account is held at the South African Reserve bank using a master / slave computer software system. 
I have also discovered that my birth certificate is evidence of a financial instrument with a very real commercial value. This commercial value predicted by the amount of money I would earn as I grew up. Thus, it provides collateral for the South African government to float loans at interest without my knowledge or direct consent. 
If this holds true, then it stands to reason that a primary role of this Census is to re-evaluate my status as chattel property so that the South African Government can literally “sell” me and my fellow citizens to foreign bankers, as the governments of Iceland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others did to their own people.
My research indicates that the purpose of the first census in 1904 was to give names to indigenous people so that they could be granted rights by the existing government. However, in order to be granted rights, it makes logical sense that one would first have to be stripped of the natural rights that he or she was born with. After all, you cannot grant rights to someone who already has them by the mere fact that they are alive.
As I believe in full disclosure, I will therefore only take part in the Census if the following questions have been satisfactorily answered. 
  1. Do I have a juristic person?
  2. Is there an account in my name linked to my ID number held at the Reserve Bank, or any other government department?
  3. Is there a bond or security registered in my name with a corresponding CUSIP number?
  4. Does the South African government receive loans based the ability of its people (ie. me) to pay it back?
  5. If yes, then:
    1. How does the government calculate the value of its people?
    2. How does the government connect me to the money that they have borrowed on my behalf?
    3. Does this loan include interest? If it does, then where is the interest supposed to come from in order to pay back these loans?
    4. Are any of the loans granted to the South African government created “out of thin air” using a book-keeping entry, or are 100% of all loans made using real, lawful money?
  6. Is the data collected from the Census linked in any way to the granting of loans made by our government?
  7. Is the census a form of contract? If so, please provide me with the terms and conditions of this contract.
  8. Am I a flesh and blood human being born with natural human rights, or am I a slave with no rights whatsoever, except for those which are granted to me by the South African Government?
Please note that I am intelligent enough to know when my questions are being avoided. I will only accept real, valid and direct answers to my questions above.
Once I have received a suitable response, I will happily take part in your Census. 
Yours Faithfully,
[first name in lowercase, eg. John] of the family [surname in lowercase, eg. Smith]