Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

11 October 2011

Water activists are always persecuted

This is Chinese environmental activist Wu Lihong sentenced to prison by a local court in retribution for a 10 year crusade against pollution in Lake Tai. Ironically, the lake has been suffering from a "pond scum" outbreak since May, verifying Wu's claims that the government and big business were polluting and endangering the ecology of a water system that provides water for over 2 million people.

What astounds me is the colour and content of the water in this image. If that isn't enough to put one off development then I don't know what is? Read more...

I came across Wu's information via Dr Bill Harding of DH Environmental Consulting who is doing wonderful work in South Africa, highlighting the state of our waterways. His blog is at: