Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. Edward Abbey

17 April 2012

Searching for my soul

A thousand lifetimes we have wandered this sacred land
Yet apart
From Timbavati to Amatola, I have known you
But still our lives refuse to collide

Each time we meet, I remember you
Yet the universe conspires to keep us separated
Yet apart
From Tulamela to Tsitsikamma, we have walked side by side
But never have we combined

I have followed your footprints in the sand
Just when I get close, rain washes them away
I have heard your footsteps ten paces behind
But when I turn around, you are a hundred years away

You will always know me, remember me
Yet apart
Decades may pass, but when I see you again, I know it will not be the last
Why oh why are we always separated by time, by space?